Nigerian Fashion Scene In The ‘80s
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The Nigerian Fashion Scene In The ‘80s

The Nigerian fashion scene has a rich evolutionary story from the 80s and down to the 60s and so on. The history of Nigerian fashion is strongly influenced by various cultures, religions, and ethnic groups that form the Federal Republic. Thank you, or not, thank you for the influence of Western culture, there are accelerated changes in the traditional Nigerian style in the last decade.

The 80s were colourful years; Pieces of boots, high heels for women and even men, and the flowing maxi skirt dominates the Nigerian fashion scene. Jewellery big statements, curly perms, and giant afros are also stylish. The 80s were also a shiny time ‘Aso OKE’ and lace was a fabric for men and women.

Nigerian Fashion

Fashion trends have a habit of being in the cycle and old trends often find a way back to modern times with a slight change But sometimes glamorous past trends are not attractive to fashionistas today or are just too long to return.

Celebrity Stylist based in New York Abidemi Adedeji, known as a style train, paid homage to Nigerian fashion in the 80s with the appearance of Iro and Buba which was modelled by inspiration, Nyra. Known as the ‘Olek’ traditional Yoruba clothing is one of the biggest fashion trends in the 80s that returned to the Nigerian fashion scene in the early 2010s.

Nigerian Fashion Scene In ‘80s

His work focused on the important details in that era including traditional Aso okay fabric, jewellery statements, thick heels, and metal wallets. Nostalgia’s Olek display is equipped Situs Slot Online with a headgear, known as gentle, corn, scarf which is placed richly on the shoulder, and iron (wrapping) and Buba (loose blouse).

The history of Nigerian fashion is really rich and academic, which has arranged celebrities like Yemi Alade, making it a point to capture its essence in an eternal vintage series.