5 Summer Style Inspirations For ‘The Kissing Booth’ Star Joey King

5 Summer Style Inspirations For 'The Kissing Booth' Star Joey King

Well peeps, summer is gonna come and right now we’ll have some pick summer style from Joey King. Netflix fans must be familiar with the star of the series “The Kissing Booth,” Joey King, right? This teen romantic comedy film has reached its third part and unfortunately it will be the last. Not only presenting an interesting storyline, thanks to this film we were also able to witness the acting capabilities and also get to know more deeply about the figure of Joey King who plays the main character named Elle.

Starting his career from a young age brought the impact of Joey King’s name to soar in line with the series of films he played. Not only about acting, the actress who was born on July 30, 1999 immediately took attention along with her edgy and sweet style on the red carpet. In The Kissing Booth trilogy, Elle’s type of dress tends to be casual. Besides being known for his acting on the small screen, Joey has a casual and simple style of dress but is always pleasing to the eye.

Joey King’s Favorite Summer Fashion Style

5 Summer Style Inspirations For 'The Kissing Booth' Star Joey King

As one of the new fashion icons in the entertainment world, Joey is now included in the list of stylish celebrities that are most awaited by his fans. Let’s take a look at the idea of ​​our favorite type of celebrity, Joey King, especially for the type of summer which is generally a stylish event for young people who loved to play judi ceme!

High Waisted

When the weather is hot, wearing https://sunsetgolfsarnia.com/ short denim pants is actually the right alternative. When you don’t feel confident wearing hot pants, you can try a short denim model with a high waisted cut like Joey.

Pajama Blouse

Pajama blouses have more than one choice of motifs, including floral, line, polka-dot, and tropical. The materials used are made of cotton, so silk is also available. This top model is also comfortable to wear during the summer.


Jumpsuit has more than one cut model, available in the form of long overalls along with a skirt or pants bottom, but there is also a short one like the one worn by Joey King above. Usually, jumpsuits are made of light materials and are a bit thin, making them cool while wearing them.

Round Neck

T-shirts along with a round neck model can also be an option. You can choose one that has a thin cotton material, you can combine it with jeans too.

Suspender Skirt

This short skirt with suspenders actually doesn’t always look boring. This model survives the page situs judi slot along with miniskirt models with a play of colors and patterns. You can combine it with a plain t-shirt, if the skirt already has a pattern like plaid or polka dots.

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