14 of the Best Real Work-From-Home Jobs

Imagine how exciting it would be to meet someone in real life who you’ve only talked to on Slack. Working from the couch might seem like a dream, but there’s something to be said about being able to physically leave your work area at the end of the day. If you’re considering a remote job, setting up a dedicated work space will help keep your work and leisure separate. FlexJobs covers remote jobs, work-from-home gigs, and all manner of flexible work. As a remote data entry specialist, your responsibilities would include inputting and updating various types of data into computer systems, such as customer orders, employee details, and financial records.

  • Since you don’t need any money to get started and have no specific degree or experience, it is also a very popular way to make money…
  • Similar to in-house roles, the salary you earn in a remote role will depend upon your unique skillset, professional background, and which positions you choose to apply for.
  • Careers in marketing, especially digital, are highly in demand and very competitive.
  • The Muse also offers career coaching services ranging from a resume review to an “ultimate job search” kit.

The downsides of remote jobs don’t seem as big of a deal when you have flexibility. We all like to have freedom, so being able to choose when and where you work is huge. Pet and family member interruptions are a real thing, so it’s essential to have a workspace where you can focus on your job responsibilities.

What You Need to Get Started

Regardless of your personal preferences for different areas of design, it is essential to develop this skill set to create a product or service and work along with other areas such as marketing and web development. Several types of design specialties include user experience design, user interface design, and graphic design. UX designers focus on creating intuitive and enjoyable experiences for users by designing user flows, wireframes, and prototypes. UI designers work on the look and feel of a product, creating visual elements such as buttons and icons.

As with most jobs, the more focused you are on a niche, the higher your earning potentials. If this is not the right path for you, then you can also go the traditional way and get a college degree. With this, you can truly become an expert in your field and charge higher rates due to your education and level of knowledge. While you won’t receive a college degree or certification for taking these courses, you can boost your skills and knowledge right from the comfort of your home.

Virtual assistant

Students are connected with over 150 US employers after completing the certification to help start their journey into a new career. The ACE-approved course provides students with up to 12 college credits and prepares students for the CompTIA A+ exam – an industry-standard certification for IT. Companies hiring candidates with a background in Finance need people experienced in financial modeling, auditing, tax preparation, bookkeeping, among others. We based these predictions on the hiring needs of companies looking for talent through Dynamite Jobs during the latter half of 2022. Maybe you’re a busy stay-at-home mom who wants to re-enter the workforce but you need flexibility to pick up your kids from school and run errands.

  • Formerly Lynda, many companies have LinkedIn Learning memberships and employees can benefit from free access to thousands of courses.
  • Other developers are back-end, meaning that they handle intricate, functional tools that online software might use to interpret, calculate, and otherwise interact with users.
  • Courses range from 30 minutes to four hours in length, and once you pass your quiz with an 80, you’ll receive a certificate of completion.
  • Or you could focus on SEO and become an expert for search engine optimization.
  • This self-led certification is available to take in your own time, with all resources available entirely online.

Whether you bring project management expertise to the table, or you’re a whiz at building financial models, the Toptal Business site and model is both digital nomad, remote work, and freelance friendly. To bridge the gap between the supply and demand, placement companies specializing in sourcing remote workers have sprung up. One such leading company is FlexJobs, a membership service that for over a decade has helped jobseekers find best courses for remote jobs quality remote, work-from-home, hybrid and flexible jobs. To choose the companies for this list, we looked at job websites that had a simple way to search for remote work or that focused primarily on remote work positions. We looked for sites with an extensive number of positions in a broad range of categories. Remote positions are now available across a broad range of industries, which makes it easy to find a job that suits you.


Whether you want to become a full-time developer or simply boost your digital skills as a web designer, every company, business, or leader with a brand needs a website and development work is always in demand. So here I am going on 4 years of working remotely and its expanded my career more than ever. I have worked remotely full time as an employee at tech companies, I have freelanced/contracted remotely for tech companies and small businesses, and I have started my own online business. I’ve worked remotely both in the corporate world, startup world, and small business world, so I’ve learned first hand some trends of which skills are more valuable, profitable, or in demand.

The Muse also offers career coaching services ranging from a resume review to an “ultimate job search” kit. The cost of each coaching package varies depending on how involved it is and whether you’re working with a mentor, coach, or master coach. The Muse also offers an impressive library of articles that you can access for free to help you with your job search.

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PowertoFly’s mission is to match talented women with amazing companies that value diversity and inclusion—for great remote jobs. After joining the platform, job seekers will go through a vetting process, and then have access to be matched for a 2-4 week “paid trial” test period to make sure the fit is right for both you and the employer. In addition, FW offers writing contests and resources to help improve your freelance writing, helping you strive to create better content, and scale your efforts to make money blogging. Designed by and for women, Rise is the premier remote job site for women who want to start freelancing, pick up some contract-based projects—or land otherwise flexible remote jobs.

Which courses are best for online jobs?

  • Data Science.
  • Big Data Engineering.
  • Data Analytics.
  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Software Development.
  • Cyber Security.
  • Web Development.

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